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Fatima Sharafeddine

Fatima Sharafeddine is an award-winning Arabic children’s author living between Beirut and Brussels. Over the past 10 years Fatima has worked on over 120 books from various publishes over Lebanon, UAE, Egypt and Belgium. Her stories have been popular worldwide having been translated into French, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, English and Korean. Fatima participates in major international children’s book fairs and has been a popular guest conducting creative writing workshops, presentations and reading tours. Fatima’s latest series is “دنيا الحكايا” (World Tales) introduces young readers to well-known stories from different cultures. The first book of the series “الرجل الذي يجعل أشجار الكرز تزهر” (The Man Who Makes the Cherry Trees Blossom) was shortlisted in the category of Best Production at the 2014 Etisalat Awards for Children’s Literature.