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Angela Nurpetlian

Montreal based illustrator and musician, Angela Nurpetlian, first cultivated an interest in illustration and music at an early age. Born in Beirut, Lebanon on the 27th of February 1985, her family moved to Paris, France at the age of four fleeing from the ongoing instability in the region. There she enrolled in music studies where she took on the piano and later the flute. In 1997, moving back to Beirut, she attended high school and in 2002 enrolled at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA) where she followed her dream of becoming an illustrator for children's books. After taking on many different jobs in the field in the past six years, and finishing her master’s degree in 2007 with top honors, she has now emerged as one of the most interesting illustrators of her generation. Her works boast a rich tapestry of colors and ever changing and challenging set of illustrations that make her books a joy to watch and her carreer one to follow.

Now residing in Montreal, she continues her musical education at the Universite de Montreal, where she plays the flute and works as a freelance illustrator with clients worldwide.

Play and Learn about Lebanon, Turning Point 2009