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And We Chose Everything

a poetry collection

With poems that tackle poignant matters such as self-reflection, mental health, feminism, and social satire, this anthology encompasses a wide variety of subjects that will appeal to numerous readers. These poets have crafted their words with utmost care. Some challenge the expectations and realities of living in a single-minded society, while others speak to struggling with anxiety and depression. More still describe their ongoing strive to belong somewhere yet remain connected to their roots. Each poem out of the 72 is filled with engaging verses written in a distinct style. The collection includes poems by notable writers such as Zeina Hashem Beck, Hind Shoufani and Rewa Zeinati, as well as many newcomers. Whether you are an experienced literature enthusiast or an occasional leisure reader, And We Chose Everything contains what will surely tug at your heartstrings.

ISBN 978-9953-972-11-4

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