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A Million Steps

Discovering the Lebanon Mountain Trail

Text and publishing by Hana el-Hibri
Photography by Norbet Schiller
Distributed by Turning Point

A Million Steps is the story of writer Hana El-Hibri and her five team members, nature lovers who made ecological history by being the first group of hikers to trek all 440 km of the Lebanese Mountain Trail entirely from north to south. Hana’s exciting text and Norbert Schiller’s breathtaking photos invite you to share in their journey through Lebanon’s thick forests, green plains, and spectacular caves. Torrential rivers and serene brooks dotted the hikers’ path as they encountered Lebanon’s wide range of plant and wildlife, from grazing goats and migrating storks to fields of red poppies and yellow marigolds. The team was also treated to true Lebanese hospitality as they walked through the various villages on the path. The locals welcomed them with warmth and generosity, and it was then the hikers realized that their journey was not only about the scenery they had enjoyed but about the deep Lebanese heritage they experienced from the friendly people they met on the way.

May 2010
Hardcover with jacket - 300 pp
ISBN 978-9953-0-1660-3