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Creative Lives

Portraits of Lebanese Artists

Text by Sierra Prasada
Photography by Roger Moukarzel
Introduction by Roseanne Saad Khalaf

Creative Lives explores what it means to be Lebanese or of Lebanese origin and have a creative spirit. The book examines a wide range of talented artists, their work and their tireless dedication to their craft. Their creative lives may be unique, but their art is universal, and insights drawn from their experiences resonate in any context. According to creative writing professor Roseanne Saad Khalaf, the profiles written by journalist Sierra Prasada are “crisp, absorbing, fascinating,” and “full of telling details.” The writer gracefully connects you with the intimate process of the artists’ individual creative paths and explorations and you are left in no doubt that the 31 personalities represented here are extraordinary individuals whose ambitions are played out on a world stage. Roger Moukarzel’s portrait photos are intimate, honest and timeless studies, revealing the contradiction between the sensitivity of the creative spirit and their ability to function in the challenging and harsh commercial world. Each portrait, a poised and poignant testament to an artistic life in progress, lingers with you, inviting you to discover more. Turning Point is delighted to have on board Byblos Bank as sponsor of the book Creative Lives. Byblos Bank not only actively promotes Lebanon’s artistic talent but also is committed to a thriving creative future with a vision to “inspire a tomorrow as creative as today.”

December 2009
Hardcover - 184 pp
ISBN 978-9953-0-1584-2

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