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Who Wants a Mommy with a Moustache?

من يريد ماما لها شوارب؟

First-time moms, Dalia Menhall Mirza and Maya Majdalani, have come together to create Who Wants a Mommy with a Moustache?, a bilingual, pocket-sized book of rhyming conversations between a modern new mom trying to balance out the unexpected daily trials and tribulations of motherhood and her havoc-wreaking infant. Who Wants a Mommy with a Moustache? speaks to the new generation of mothers in Lebanon and the Middle East who – more than anyone before – are successfully navigating their way to being multitasking monoliths, taking each hurdle in style. It’s far from an easy task, and Dalia and Maya have crafted a hilarious account of everyday moments to help mothers know that they are far from alone on this roller-coaster ride.

April 2015
Hardcover - 64 pp
ISBN 978-9953-0-3239-9

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