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Play and Learn about Lebanon - 2nd edition

نتعرَّفُ إلى لبنانَ

Text by Turning Point
Illustrations by Angela Nurpetlian

Lebanon is home to ancient cedar trees, Roman temples and delicious food. Come and learn more about this small but fascinating country. Join two local children, Sami and Nour, as they visit and discover eight main cities in Lebanon. Included in this book are interesting text and photos about each city, lively illustrations, a craft activity to make your own history timeline, a map unscramble and fun stickers. These fun activities are based on Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and are designed to expand a child’s knowledge about Lebanon.

Age group: 6+
December 2009
Softcover - 28 pp
ISBN 978-9953-0-1471-5

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