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Anita Papas

Anita Papas, born Der-Torossian, is a clinical psychologist whose hunger for knowledge was evident at an early age. She continually sought answers about God, human existence and the meaning of life, and was unable to satisfy her natural curiosity more often than not. “We were intrigued by her inquisitive mind,” her mother remembers. At university, Anita spent most of her time in the college library reading whatever she could get her hands on. She was devoted to psychology and was an honors student throughout her college years. Her dream to become a clinical psychologist had to be put on hold temporarily when, in 1994, she met and married her prince charming, Alexis Papas, a successful businessman with whom she has two wonderful children, Eddie and Christina. It seemed that life could not get much better for Anita – except for her yet unrealized dream. In 2002, she decided to go back to college to study for her Master’s degree. She graduated in 2005 from Haigazian University and has been practicing psychology ever since.

Her passion for writing was a gift she discovered early on. As a teenager, her emotions, internal turmoil as well as rebellions were expressed in lines of poetry. At university, she most enjoyed presenting her case studies, during which she did not leave any detail to the imagination. She told a friend that along with the degree in clinical psychology, she deserved one for creative writing!

Breaking Not Broken, Turning Point, 2015
Go For It!, Turning Point, 2012
The Positive You!, Turning Point, 2009
The Positive Us!, Turning Point, 2010