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Breaking not Broken

Healing after your painful break-up

Are you going through relationship troubles? Does it feel like the spark is no longer there? Are you having more fights and less fun, more arguments and less laughter? Anita Papas introduces her fourth self-help title, Breaking Not Broken, this time tackling relationship troubles. This book will help you understand the dynamics of relationships, whether you are stuck in an on-off relationship, obsessed over your ex, or finding it difficult to move on after a painful break-up or divorce. Learn how to deal with feelings of rejection, the inevitable high and low moods of a break-up and, most importantly, how to use this break-up to your benefit, by not letting it break you but shape you, bringing you closer to the kind of person you want to become. You may be breaking up, but you are far from being broken! Full of real-life inspiring stories, much needed advice, and easy to read visuals and graphs, this book will gently guide you through one of the most painful journeys that you may have to take. At the end of this book you will feel empowered and ready to face the world stronger, more confident and more positive than ever. You might even realize that this break-up was exactly what you needed to turn your life around, to look inwards and work on every aspect of yourself and finally find the happiness that you truly deserve.

Softcover - 88pp
ISBN 978-9953-0-3386-0

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March 2009
Softcover - 88 pp
ISBN 9953-0-1396-1
March 2009
Softcover - 88 pp
ISBN 9953-0-1396-