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The Positive You!

Bring out the best in you and the best out of life

Text by Anita Papas

The Positive You! is about your individuality, attitude, strengths, fears, worries, disappointments and your relationship with yourself. It reveals how fragile you are as a human being and yet how powerful you can be. With its straightforward approach, rich quotations, real life cases and humor, it makes you realize the true strength of your mind. Papas makes you realize that your attitude dictates whether you see the good or bad in your life, and that you and no one else are in control. The Positive You! brings out the best in you and your life. Every difficulty is viewed as an opportunity, every mishap is turned to good fortune and the impossible to the possible, with no boundaries, no limits and no ends.

March 2009
Softcover - 88 pp
ISBN 9953-0-1396-1

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