At Home in Amman - A practical guide to living in Amman

At Home in Amman

A practical guide to living in Amman
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Published by Turning Point International and Mango Street Books

Turning Point International is pleased to announce the launch of its city guide series, starting with our second title, At Home in Amman. Bursting with up-to-date cultural and practical information about daily life in Amman, this new book is an indispensable guide to living in Jordan’s capital city.
Each chapter is packed with well-researched recommendations, with 12 chapters in all: Jordan in Brief; Moving to Amman; Getting Settled; General Services and Information; Education; Children; Working in Amman; Health; Shopping; Entertainment; Sports, Leisure and Culture; and Discovering Amman and Beyond.
Much like At Home in Beirut, this new release is filled with valuable advice and great insider tips, helpful fact boxes, bright color photos, and useful address and telephone directories. This comprehensive and matter-of-fact guidebook is an essential tool for anyone wishing to better understand this beautiful city.

February 2012
Softcover - 312 pp
ISBN 978-0-615-54485-4