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Etiquette in the City: Beirut

Written by Sonya J. Sabbah
Illustrations by Benoit Debbane 

Etiquette in the City: Beirut is a handy reference guide explaining the rules and regulations of good manners and tips on how to conduct yourself in a correct and thoughtful manner in social and business interactions. The book has a self-improving, instructive element; and explains that by enhancing the quality of our interaction; business and social success will come our way. The style is friendly, informal and certainly not too stuffy. The writer provides some light refreshments, with amusing anecdotes about examples of etiquette ‘faux pas’ in Lebanon, where and how the Lebanese can go wrong, as well as tips on how to respond in certain situations. Emphasis is put on the etiquette culture of Lebanon, and the traditional quirks and characteristics of social and business life; with examples of what to do, and what not to do in certain situations, so as to help a newcomer to adapt.

November 2010
Softcover - 272 pp
ISBN 978-9953-0-1928-4

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