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At Home in Beirut - 4th Edition

At Home in Beirut - 4th Edition

Text by Turning Point
Photography by Rowina Bou Harb

Much more than a guidebook, At Home in Beirut is a friendly companion to help you through living, discovering and enjoying Lebanon’s vibrant capital city. Turning Point has gone the extra mile to provide you with 388 pages of the most up-to-date and useful information, helpful for newcomers, long-term residents and visitors alike. Our special additions for the 4th edition include inspirational and rewarding walking tours through Beirut and profiles of famous Lebanese political and cultural personalities. The book is divided into 12 easy to read chapters: Lebanon in Brief; Moving to Beirut; Getting Settled; General Services & Information; Education; Children; Working in Beirut; Health; Shopping; Entertainment; Sports, Leisure & Culture; and Discovering Beirut & Beyond. In each chapter you will find useful addresses and telephone numbers, interesting fact boxes, great insider tips and attractive color photos, all thoughtfully researched to give you the best sense of everyday life in Beirut.

December 2010
Softcover - 388 pp
ISBN 978-9953-0-1925-3

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